What's Cooking: Thanksgiving

I'm pretty sure my Mom and I are in over our head's this year.  Last week when we talked about what we'd have for Thanksgiving I told her we'd keep it simple.  I'd be tending to Anderson a lot and wouldn't have much time for too much creativity in the kitchen.  We'd stick to the old standby's and that would be that.

(photo from Martha)

Something happened over the weekend and now we're trying out all new recipes.  Really smart.  I blame Martha Stewart Living on the iPad for inspiring us and making me think, "Yes, let's make that too!"

I'll head out to my parents tonight so in the morning we can get a jump start on cooking.  We'll make the brine for the turkey- a first for us- and we'll make pumpkin pie.  Martha's meringue pumpkin pie.  We'll also do a new cranberry orange sauce and prep things for Pioneer Woman's Oyster Dressing.

(photo from the Pioneer Woman)

On the day of we'll have to put together Bobby Flay's Sweet Potato Gratin, the Oyster Dressing, and an herb butter to put under the skin of the turkey while it cooks away in the turkey roaster.  We're also doing pees and something with brussel sprouts I think.  There will also be rolls.

I'm armed and ready with my mandolin, fat separator, and good attitude.

Here's to wishing you and your a Happy Thanksgiving!  So much to be thankful for around here this year!

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