Six Weeks!

It seems like the week between 5 and 6 weeks was a long one.  I'm not sure why, but Anderson sure did grow a lot then. Visibly he's chunked up which means he's eating a lot.  The upside is that he's decided to sleep for longer stretches at night which is making me really excited.

Could it be that we're on the right track to sleeping even longer stints at night?! I sure hope so.  In the past week or so you got to meet your Great Grandma Ginny and Great Uncle Andy, you met Mamma T and Pepa, and you got this adorable quilt from Great Grandma Tims...otherwise known as Manet.

What a lucky guy.  You're smiling so much now which is very fun.  I think you'll be funny...or mischievous.  We'll see.

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