seven weeks dear anderson

Dear Anderson,

You are getting so big.  You're looking at things and starting to see more and you definitely know who I am (which I love.)  You're figuring out who your Daddy is and smiling at him too.  We love you a lot and are excited to see you growing and revealing your little personality to us.  In the morning you smile the most for us.  It's a happy time, especially if you just slept for a nice 5 hour stretch, then 4 hours, then 3 or 2 hours.  That makes Mommy feel much more rested so keep up the good work.

As much as I love seeing you grow, I'm glad you're still a baby.  This season will be gone before we know it and you'll be crawling and the little coo's you make will be words.  First sweet words then funny words then when you're older you're probably going to say things that we'll have to sit down and talk about.  

This weekend your Daddy is going deer hunting.  He can't wait to bring you along.  It's ok if you don't like hunting though- no pressure.

It's fun to get you to smile at me.  This morning I made some silly faces and you really liked that.  You bring us so much joy and really show us what life's all about.

Lots of love to you,

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