We got to spend the weekend with Mamma T and Pepa.  It was really wonderful to have them here and to see them with Anderson.  Mamma T made sure to have a lot of long talks with him so that he'll remember her.  I'm not sure he'll ever be able to forget her- she's one special lady!  Pepa prayed over Anderson before they left which was really special as well.  He's one lucky guy to have such wonderful grandparents on both sides!

Over the weekend he got baptized at church.  Although I was baptized as a baby, I was also baptized as an adult.  The baptism for Anderson on Sunday was really special as Benjamin and I prayed for him and spoke words out of the common book of prayer that we hope he will someday say for himself as a believer in Christ and what He has done for us.  It was special to have both grandparents and dear friends there for the special occasion!

After the service we went to lunch downtown and walked by the White House.  We had to get our first family photo in front of the White House!  He looks thrilled, right?

Someone is hungry so I must go... Making milk is about the only cooking I'm doing these days.  I'll be back..and dairy free for a bit thanks to what seems to be a dairy intolerance he's got going on. :(

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  1. Love the family photo in front of the White House - such a darling group!!