four weeks lil' buddy

4 weeks old.  Can't believe tomorrow will mark 1 month!  Loving him more and more- especially when he sleeps for good stretches at night!  My perspective of good sleep has forever changed and I'm happy to get 3 hours in a row now.  He's rocking his camo outfit with the bear thanks to Manet.

I'm not sure what it is but I keep calling him Buddy... I then remember that I need to call him Anderson more so he's not confused by his real name.  This weekend he got to meet Kate and Matt.  So fun to have them here and crazy to think of a friend who I've known since 3rd grade and now she's meeting my baby.  Life.


  1. Happy one month, Anderson!

    Yay for old friends getting to meet sweet new babies! Hope you all had such a fun afternoon.

  2. Fun pictures! So glad Kate and Matt got to meet Anderson!