five weeks, A!

Five weeks!  We're growing and learning how to smile and nursing much better this week!  Victory!  Anderson is getting so big it seems like each day he's grown just a bit more.  This weekend he'll meet some more family and had his first sleepover at Grammy Ruth's last night.  The week went well with our outings, including one to the Pediatrician's where we learned he is over 9 pounds !! and in the 90% percentile for his height.  He's going to be a tall one we think.

Remember when we found out we were having a boy and bought a little shirt for him? He wore it for the first time today and looked rather dapper if I do say so myself...  

Today he napped on me for about half the day and I soaked it in.  When his little brother or sister is a baby he'll be running around and I won't get to do that with them as much so I was soaking in the baby time with him.  Can't believe we're onto week 6 now.  Time sure is flying by...

At the end of this week he'll get to meet Mamma T and Pepa!  I can't wait to see them with him and I know they can't wait to meet him!


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