"Waisting" No Time


With my due date countdown in the single digits now, I have baby on my brain yes, but also clothes.  I'm ready to get out of maternity gear and back into some pants that actually stay up and tops that regain the knowledge that I have a waist.  Thing is, I'm a horrible shopper and realize that a lot of my clothes are pretty old, tattered, and dare I say I "need" some new things.

My Mom and Benjamin would agree that this all falls into the category of "need" over "want," especially when I can think back to when I got some of the things in college...maybe even high school.  Items are faded and I'm sick of seeing them appear in the pictures year after year.

So, first off, boots.  I knew last season that my boots were on their last go, so this morning I check into some new ones.  Thing is, I don't want to spend more than $200.  Girls on a budget... These are in the running so far.  Then we have loafers and flats.  I could get into these.  Again, more staples of mine that are running on more than a few years of wear and looking pretty bad.


I'm also tempted by some new tops and will wait to look into pants when I know what size I'll be.  I know squeezing into some old pairs might take longer than I'd like, in which case I'll probably head over to the outlets to get by before making any investing purchases.

I also have my eye on a watch.  I have a silver one that I occasionally wear which I got as a gift in 7th grade.  Yup.  Are you beginning to get the picture here?  These simple watches are priced well and could come in handy for all the clock watching I'll be doing soon to make sure Anderson is being fed well and often.

To check out what else I'm pinning and pining over, check out my style board over on Pinterest.  It's really the most simple way for me to see something I like and actually remember where it came from.



  1. When looking for tops, one thing you have to keep in mind is "Can I nurse in this?". It's very much limited my clothing options, but worth it. And it's worth it to make it be easy to get what the baby needs out, quickly!

  2. Yup.. I have a couple of those tops already and plenty of the tanks too!

  3. Can you give info on those loafers? Those are the cutest shoes!

  4. Hi Teri. if you click on the link to pinterest you can then click on the pictures of them and it'll send you straight to where to buy! Hope that helps!