{Thursday with the Babe} Baby Boy Blue

Full term now (hooray!) and excited for Anderson's arrival.  It's funny now reading the little updates on the apps on my phone.  They're all pretty repetitive telling me to pack my hospital bag and make a birth plan.  My birth plan is this: get this baby out.  Safely of course, but really I am just excited for him to be here.

I remember early on thinking about how small he was and how much he'd grow in the next 6 weeks.  Now we don't have 6 weeks left- just 4, maybe.

Today I headed out to get my nails done and have lunch with some friends.  One friend is due next week, and the other is in between jobs so it was a nice outing during these rainy rainy days.

I haven't gotten a manicure in forever, basically because they don't last long.  I decided to get a bit of a different color and figured it'll probably be off by the end of the weekend anyways.  I opted for this blue and now I think it's pretty hilarious.  If I do go into labor I'm just waiting for a lot of pictures to be taken and for my Mom to keep commenting on how I have blue nails!

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