{Monday with the Babe} Feeling it

I am really feeling pregnant these days.  It's still hot out and although it's rainy today and I'm hoping it'll cool down, that's probably not likely.

The babe has gotten a lot of walks in this weekend from Friday at the Zoo to walking around Old Town, and then yesterday afternoon on the Mall.  We've been out and about because of friends in town, in particular this cutie.  She was at our wedding when she was just 3 months old, and my oh my has she grown!

Well, that's about it.  Anderson is still moving and nudging and I'm sleeping less and less well.  It seems like I have to lift my belly to rotate anymore.  I'm thankful for the body pillow a friend lent me and allergy meds, which at this point are crucial now that my Fall allergies are back.

Here's to more cooking in the oven, Anderson.  Can't wait to meet you!!

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