{Friday with the Babe} Finishing Touches

We put up the mobile this week and for some reason this baby coming feels even more real.  That, and the fact that more than half of the people who I knew were having babies around when we were have had their babies this week.  One girl was a few weeks early, but still.  That leaves me and another friend left which is kind of crazy.  I think Braxton Hicks have started and I'm definitely in the "has he dropped?" "this could really come at any time" mode.  

Of course because I think that he won't be here until October.  Who knows.  Either way we're excited.  A friend from college is in town this weekend with her sweet daughter and husband.  We're looking forward to seeing them lots this weekend and hosting them next week.  I may have a car seat in the car for her daughter in the case that I should go into labor and we'd have to get to the hospital.  That said, I know if I did we'd just go home until the contractions were close enough together that we'd then go to the hospital.

This brings me to the fact that movies (once again) lie.  You don't just go to the hospital the moment labor begins and you also don't (or shouldn't) breathe by going he-he-whoooo.  That's going to get me in trouble when I start doing that and forget the real breathing techniques.  I should probably do some research on how to breathe since this is my second time now confessing that I'm not quite sure the right way to do it.  Did you know if you don't breathe right the baby could slip back up instead of down?!  Who knew.  

I got some more nursing attire yesterday from the lovely outlets and stocked up on some chicken and beef from Costco that we can freeze for when we need to make a quick meal post baby.  I also picked up some adorable jammies.  Love Hannah Anderson for Costco.  Aren't they adorable?!  

My Mom picked up some books at the library to read too. I brought these two home tonight and Benjamin and I enjoyed cracking up at the "What to Expect When Your Wife is Expanding" one.  It basically reminds him of things not to say while I'm in labor and is the man version of "Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy," another winner of a read for me.  I'm all about the books that aren't too technical.  I trust the doctors and ultimately the Lord to get me through.  

Well, that's all for now.  Blogging each time I get a chance because "he really could come at any time!"  Now insert my mother re-assuring me, "He's not coming until October" just so I don't get discouraged when/if he decides to hang out in the womb a bit longer.


  1. I am so excited for your new arrival and love hearing about the progress!! In case you get tired of people asking you if the baby has come yet, this website might be useful:


  2. Excited for you! You never know- he could come early. I was convinced Anna would be late and then she came two weeks ahead. Enjoy this time. You make me wish I had a Costco membership!