Apple Picking!

Hello, Fall!  I am welcoming you with wide open arms.  Summer here isn't my favorite, especially with the addition of an extra heater.  I was so glad to be throwing on jeans, socks, closed-toe shoes, and thankful for my one maternity sweater this morning as some friends and I headed out to Homestead Farms to pick apples.

We couldn't have asked for a better morning- a little cool but warmed up to the perfect temperature after 20 minutes or so.  Some of my favorite kids were there and once again I was so thankful for the kids, the Mom's, and the life I'm about to have with Anderson's pending arrival.

We picked lots of fuji apples and I was thankful for my little helpers.  I sure do love these kids!  The farm was great for them to run around at and also check out the animals.

Little did we know it was 1:00 before we knew it and many Mom's needed to run off to get a nap in for their little ones.

Although a nap was tempting for me as well, I opted for some warm apple cider and making a mocha apple bundt cake, the smell of which is currently filling our house.

What as great day.  I love how the one little boy was the messiest of the bunch- the things I have to look forward to!  We've got a fun weekend in store, although if Anderson wants to change our plans, he's allowed.

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  1. SO much fun! apple picking is so much better with babies and toddlers.