38 weeks!

Good job, Anderson.  You've made it 38 weeks!  They say boys mature more slowly (as if we needed to be reminded of this) so I'm glad you've held out and let your lungs mature some more.  It's exciting now when people ask when you're coming and I can say 2 weeks!  In my head, I know it may still be 3, but either way you'll be here before we know it.

Yesterday I was able to start a Bible study and next week I think I'll go to another women's smallgroup through church.  "They" say it's good to have a schedule when baby comes so I'm looking forward to having some things to do during the week to get out of the house.  I know however that I may be way too exhausted some days and unable to make them.  Regardless, I'm thankful for meeting other Mom's as the DC area doesn't scream with many stay-at-home Mom's.  

I'm looking forward to joining the club though and am thankful for new Mom friends already.  It's really been a blessing as a few months ago part of my anxiety about this transition was wondering what I'd do and who I'd hang out with.  Thankfully it looks like we'll keep busy and the Lord is bringing people into my life to relate to during this time.

The quilt Anne made for Anderson arrived yesterday- so beautiful!  It really is all about the finishing touches this week.  That, and hanging out with friends.  Now that I'm a ticking time bomb everyone wants to hang out with me.  Really though, it's been a social week which has been great.  We're thankful to be seeing friends and hope that once he arrives we'll still be getting out just as much, this time with a baby in a carrier.  

The social calendar has been good for me as well to not be sitting around waiting or getting anxious about when he'll come.  I am however instituting more walks into my schedule to help move things along.  I'm also keeping up my ice cream intake and finding that sweet treats get Anderson moving, a session I know I'll miss inside of me once he's outside in the world!


  1. I'm staying home this school year. There's lots of us in Fairlington!

  2. I am glad to see the nail polish still intact.

  3. wow you are seriously ready. well done.