Last week was pretty eventful.  Wake up to giggles and coo's from my nephew, head to the beach, and experience an earthquake then hurricane scare.  Good times.

We were thankful to be at the beach from at the perfect time and get back in time to hunker down for the weekend in DC.  Friday night we headed to the store to find there was no water left so we got some Gatorade which will remain in our house in case of emergency.  Although the hurricane did take down a huge limb from a tree outside our place, it hit our neighbors house and not ours.  Benjamin said Saturday night some other limbs were hitting our roof, but thankfully I slept right through that.

The earthquake however was another story. After all those years in California it took sitting on a beach in Delaware to experience an earthquake.  Really it just felt like someone was coming up behind me and shaking my chair.  Soon after my Mom was on Facebook to learn people felt it in Ohio and within 15 minutes we learned about it's origin.  Some pictures tilted in our apartment, but thankfully nothing fell.

The rest of the week we spent at the beach with a couple outings in there to walk along the boardwalk and eat up some beach fries and ice cream as is standard when you're on vacation, or if you're pregnant, standard all the time.

It was a relaxing weekend and fun to splash in the waves as they increased in size with the storm coming.  Made me miss swimming in the ocean off Butterfly beach.  Mostly it was fun to be with my nephew.  I'm not sure it's possible that Anderson will be as smiley.  It'll be fun for them to meet in a month or so!

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  1. Great got into photography at just the right time. You're going to have such wonderful pictures of Anderson!!

    Owen is SO cute and I love all his smiles too!! Your parents are going to love that picture too....wonderful!

    Oh, just know that SB and the people in SB miss you as much as you miss it! Wish we could be there for Anderson's birth. Can't wait to meet him!!