{Tuesday with the Babe} Nursery Completion

So, I know many of you missed Sundays with the Babe.  "Many" being my Mom and Mother-in-Law.  Regardless, I want to keep the updates coming so here you go!  More belly pics.  These were taking while Anderson has been working on week 36, which essentially means growing stronger lungs and bulking up.

I saw the OB today and never tire of hearing his heart beat.  I also pre-registered at the hospital and paid a whopping $25 which will allow us to have our own room and also gets a meal for Benjamin and some parking passes.  $25 well spent.  The past two appointments I've been asked how tall I am, and then there has been some comment about how tall people hide babies well.  I'm not worried about the size as they say I'm measuring spot on.  Good job, kiddo.  More like, Thank you Jesus.

This weekend we put the pictures above the dresser and I'd consider the nursery done for now.  I need to get little hooks to keep the curtains back and better ties for them, but those things won't come into play right away so I'm letting it go.  See...I'm already learning to let things go and I'm not even a Mom yet....oh wait...I am a wife.

Don't mind the clothes on the changing pad and formula.  I don't plan on using formula however Similac apparently wanted to send me lots of it.  I'll keep it for a bit just in case and then if it's never opened and unused plan on donating it.

Today at the OB I should have had a name tag on that said, 'First Time Mom.'  Even though I've asked some of the questions before, I was once again asking when we'd go to the hospital, how we'd know, etc.  I really appreciate how laid back the OB I saw was in that she encouraged me to wait until they were 5 or maybe even 3 minutes apart.  When I asked her about some post-partem stuff since I may be just as nervous about that as I am about labor, she basically talked about how this is all natural and the body has a way of healing.  Amen.

And now, the hospital bag....post coming up next!

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