{Sundays with the Babe} Nursery Progress!

Well, this week has been a productive one.  The clutter in the nursery was really getting to me and it seems as though within a few days we now have a nursery!  Of course I think there are still things to do, like figuring out what to hang over the dresser and putting cute paper in the back of the bookcase, but all in all, he can come now.  Of course he needs to cook longer, so Anderson, don't listen to your mother right now (although all other times in your life please do!)

On Monday my Mom came over and we put away the clothes Anderson has.  So fun to look at them and put them away by age.  The newborn onesies look so tiny- crazy to think he'll be in those!  We got the rug down and the crib arrived Tuesday, after being spray painted, and was put together that evening.  Of course I wanted to put the bedding on to see how it all would work out and it really has come together so well.

On Wednesday the cushions arrived for the glider and on Thursday my dad brought over the glider that we scored at a garage sale back in May.  My super talented Mother-in-Law made these custom covers for the glider.  They are just perfect!  I'll be adding this to her etsy store as an example of what she can do.  When we got the glider and knew the cushions wouldn't quite work with green and blue, she offered to make slip covers.  Of course there's some piping on there as well and they really tie everything together so well.

Right now this is the most comfortable chair in our house and one I'll be spending lots of my time in over the coming months and years.  I may have sat in it for awhile just thinking about our son in the room and the ways life is about to change.

Last night we attended our first childbirth class which was informative and at times comical.  There are about 10 couples in the class and the instructor is very sweet and encouraging.  She wants us all to be focusing on the relaxing times in labor (when you're not having contractions) because most people talked about how painful they knew it was going to be.

In other news this week Anderson must sure be growing because I ended up seeing my endocrinologist a couple weeks earlier than planned after having too many days in a row of being uber emotional.  I know that comes with being pregnant, but I also know with hypothyroidism, my meds may have been off.  I was extremely thankful to get a call saying that they are and that he'll be increasing my medicine!  It's nice to know I'm not completely crazy.

Well sweet baby, today you're getting showered with more love and your dad and I really can't wait to meet you.  It's exciting knowing as the weeks go by we're getting that much closer to holding you in our arms.

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