{Sundays with the Babe} It's in the Details

Ah, the nursery.  I maybe go in there and rock on the glider just because.  I look at the little toys, old and new, the little shoes, and glance over at the crib thinking about the babe that will soon lay there.

This past week we finished childbirth classes.  We have a hospital tour and breastfeeding class yet to go to, but otherwise we have a diploma saying we completed the course.  And what did I learn?  Well lots, but on the other hand I feel like there's still so much unknown.  As we drove away from the class we both agreed that labor still feels a bit distant.  Like "someday we'll have kids" distant.

How does one really prepare for something you've never been through and have no idea how yours will be?  Every labor is different so as much as I feel as prepared as I can be, you just really don't know how easy, long, or hard, yours will be.  I have a feeling it'll be hard, not easy and am praying leading up to it for God's peace, courage and strength to get me through!

It's funny because as much as I've prepared and put away his clothes and washed certain items and have a basket all ready with teeny tiny diapers, I have yet to pack the hospital bag.  I'd feel crazy doing it now and am telling myself once I'm 37 weeks then I'm allowed to pack the bag.  If he comes sooner we'll be ok.  Thankfully family is close by and a friend just told me I won't be getting out of the hospital gown really, so I'm not too concerned.  Healthy delivery and baby is all I care about these days.

It is fun though as we get things in order, like putting out the precious blankets and quilts people have made for him, and finding the final missing peace of decoration, prints for over the dresser that we snatched up at a consignment store for just $24!  Much less expensive than I was thinking we'd have to pay and the colors go perfectly with what we have.

Don't you love the new pillow addition too?  Mamma T sent it knowing that the chair just needed a pillow.  She's so crafty.  She also sent along a few more outfits of Benjamin's, and of course ones she had made like the little circus jumper for when he had a circus birthday party!

We love you little one.  Can't wait for you to be here, but on the other hand keep cooking away, ok?  xoxo Mamma

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