Showered in Chagrin

I can't limit the babe to only Sundays anymore.  There's too much going on as we prepare for his arrival and frankly he really could come at any time so I want to get these posts in before he makes his appearance!

The other weekend we traveled to Chagrin for a lovely shower hosted by some of our dear family friends. The food was wonderful and the company even better.  It's always such a treat to get to go back there and see faces of women who I've known my whole life.  Thankfully it's much cooler in Ohio than DC so we were able to sit outside for our lunch and then brought things inside for presents.

I love the quilts they put on the tables and fresh flowers they had picked that morning.  It was so sweet getting motherly advice from many of the woman as well as I opened each present.  Some said they write letters to their children, even today, or keep journals by their bed of the cute things they say so that they'll remember.  I like the idea too of having a box that we can keep under the bed of his things that he will go through each year on his birthday to remember.  So many good ideas- we'll see which ones we end up doing!

Thank you to the ladies who planned the great shower and for all those who attended and showered me and Anderson with love and presents.  We can't wait to be back in Chagrin this spring to introduce him to you all!

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