Real Life BBQ Chicken Pizza

Life is real right now.  We're about to be parents, I'm getting increasingly big and unable to move as easily or switch sides while sleeping at night without feeling like I have to lift my stomach to do so, and our meals are well, more simple.

I have however made ice cream of late which probably redeems all of my simple dinners like loaded potatoes and loaded nachos.  Adding the word "loaded" onto the meal means it's more substantial, filling, nutritious, and therefore a meal.

We may have ordered pizza this weekend too.  I haven't ordered pizza in years.  In fact, Benjamin joked that Anderson will someday say, "people can order pizza from home?"  Oh dear.  I do think make-your-own pizza would be a fun family night thing to do.  That, coupled with movie night of course.  Hello, I'm a Mom.

Pizza really is great to make at home and oh-so-affordable too.  It's one of those wonderful meals where you can think, "I have nothing in my fridge or pantry.." and next thing you know, you have a whole meal. I really love when that happens.

So, when I turned to my fridge and thought, "I have nothing in here.." The chicken called out to me, as did the Maple BBQ sauce from the American Spoon company I was recently given.  Such a sweet present from the thoughtful Mom of a dear friend of mine.

So, BBQ Chicken Pizza it was.  I decided to bake the chicken like I do when I make Tortilla Soup, and then try out the Endeavor Farm pizza dough recipe.

So, in short- bake your chicken with the sauce at 375 for about 20-25 minutes then shred it.

Follow Instructions for making Pizza Dough from Endeavor Farm- my favorite family farm in Chagrin!

The dough takes some time but is overall simple and cooks up really well.  It cooked all the way through in the middle which can sometimes be a challenge.  I cut the recipe in half because I only needed to make one pizza.

When the dough has risen on the pan spread on your bbq sauce, sprinkle on the chicken, and then corn, red onion, and a mix of cheese.  Bake for 20-25 minutes until done and enjoy with some Frank's hot sauce!

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