Our Playful Maternity Pics

Once again I'm so thankful to have such creative talented friends, many of whom have mad skills with the camera.  Stacey took some pictures of us the other day after work.  We walked out the door to the playground near our house and decided it was the perfect backdrop.

As much as living here can be hard, I do hope Anderson gets to enjoy this little spot in our neighborhood as it's so close and will be really nice for when he needs to run around and burn some steam! Get that kid tired so he takes a good nap, right?!

After playing around for a bit we could see right where Anderson was hanging out in my belly.  So crazy that as he's getting bigger we can sometimes tell right where his bum and feet are.  So soon...so soon...we'll be able to hold him!

Thanks, Stacey!  For more pics and images of her work check her out here.

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