One Year!

Today Benjamin and I are celebrating our One Year Anniversary!  Oh what a year it has been.  We've been looking back and thinking about how things really haven't slowed down at all, or been the way we may have expected.  Similar to our relationship with Christ, marriage is not always easy but oh-so-worth it.

We've been through a lot and this weekend we got to be in Chagrin as friends showered our little one with love.  If you would have told either of us on our wedding day that a year later we'd be having a baby shower, we would have said, "Yah, right."  Not in our plans, but clearly in His.

On our wedding day I received a tilley hat from the groomsman to symbolize the adventures Benjamin and I would take together.  This year we may have not gone many places geographically speaking, but oh what an adventure it has been.

Love you, Benjamin.  Here's to another amazing year ahead of getting to love you more as my husband and getting to see what a wonderful father I know you'll be.

Oh, and tonight?  We get to celebrate eating out and then come home to dive into the delicious cake my friend Anne made for our big day.  We had them save the topper and I can't wait to eat more than just the small piece I savored on our wedding day!

photos thanks to emily and annemarie


  1. Anonymous8/08/2011

    Great blog, congrats again! As you know, the adventures are only starting and I hope they continue to be great!!

    -William (The younger brother)

  2. Hooray! Happy Anniversary! Can you believe last year we were out in Ohio with a 3 month old?? We were crazy! :) But so worth it! xoxo

  3. Happy Anniversary!

  4. SUCH a sweet post! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! love the tilley hat and the thought of all the "places" you two will go! =)

    i love the pictures of you guys on the beach. can't wait to meet Anders!