The Hospital Bag(s)

In a week I'll be considered "Full Term."  Therefore, it's ok that I'm packing the bag(s) this week.  It's ok in my mind, that is and totally not a crazy-nesting-mom-to-be thing of me to do.  I hear we should have one bag that we'll need for labor, and one that Benjamin can get from the car after with clothes and such.

Do you really pack everything you need for the hospital?  Could you bring less? Probably.  More? Probably. I'm not too worried about it.  I have things laid out and calling it done.  I need to just make sure we remember the camera and pillows, but otherwise, I think we'll be okay.

About a week ago I called out to Facebook and asked what people recommend I bring.  I got some great recommendations and based what I'm bringing on those responses and some help from friends who have recently been there.  Today the final call was made on what to bring, mostly for Anderson.  We have a hospital tour in about a week so that'll be good to find out all they'll have for him, but I'm still pretty sure I'll just need ONE outfit to bring him home in.  I'm bringing THREE.  His clothes are so small...that's my justification. And what will the weather be like?!  Totally a normal concern since we're just switching into (I hope) fall.

For the Labor Bag:

  • Robe
  • Socks (these are Benjamin's.  My mother, and I think he, would suggest I get some feminine ones)
  • Lotion for massaging my hands and feet
  • Massage tool for when Benjamin get's tired ... I'm supposed to have sympathy for him or something
  • Wash Cloth for my neck to cool me down
  • Lip Balm - for all the breathing which I still don't have down yet
  • Water Bottle- to drink up
  • Mouth Wash- for Benny and me in case I all of the sudden have reflux or worse
  • Toothbrushes and paste for us both
  • Hairbrush and ties to hold hair back
  • Snacks for Benjamin - which he won't be allowed to eat in my presence knowing I'll get hungry fast
  • iPhone charger so we can listen to music...probably won't be thinking to do that though
  • 2 pillows
  • Camera!

For the Post-Anderson Bag:

  • Nursing nightgown
  • PJ pants
  • Nursing Tank
  • Nursing bra
  • Undies- though I'm resolved to the fact that I'll be wearing the attractive hospital ones
  • Lanolin 
  • Snacks for me!
  • Benjamin's coming-home outfit for Anderson
  • Newborn Onesie and little pants
  • Newborn longsleeve onesie
  • Cutest little blue hat ever
  • Blanket to swaddle him in but keep his legs out for the car ride home
  • little socks
  • Outfit for me to come home in- yoga pants and a maternity T and light sweater depending on the weather
  • Nursing Cover for when boys are in the room
  • Change of clothes for the husband

Well, I think that's it.  Am I missing anything?  If I get my act together there may be some cookies that I bake, throw in the freezer, and take out on the way to the hospital for the nurses.  I'm pretty sure I won't get that done though and hoping they'll still be super sweet.

Oh, and because we're all things baby right now, here's a better picture of the wood prints about the dresser!


  1. Super cute prints in the nursery!

  2. Looks great Laura!! Thanks for blazing the way-- I'm totally copying you when I pack my bag.

  3. I will probably write a follow up of what they had and what we needed. Hopefully that'll happen before Mini Mumm comes!

  4. oh, and thanks Julie. $24 consignment sale find! Score!