{Fridays in Wine Country} Pies, Marys, and Pretty Flowers

With wine country in the distance, we headed on to San Francisco before heading out.  Not technically wine country, but bear with me as this will be my final post on our honeymoon.  Thanks to friends that now live in this great city, I had a large list of places to go and things to do.

Once again, we didn't have a smart phone to help us get around so although we had good intentions, we definitely got a little lost and also walked much further than we needed to and not through the best neighborhoods.

One of the spots we hit up was Mission Pie.  I had heard great things and being a lover of pie we headed there.  Thankfully once we got off the train we saw someone who could point us in the right direction quickly before we stood out like sore-thumb tourists.  The pie was good and it provided us with a good lunch before we walked the next hour or two, maybe three, up to the Botanical Gardens.

On the way there we ended up stopping into Magnolia, a brew pub Benjamin had wanted to see.  Thankfully it came up about 2 hours into our hike when the rest was much needed.

Somewhere in our stay in SF we also experienced Rogue where I enjoyed a Bloody Mary even though it was nighttime.  I have yet to meet a Mary that competes with their homemade mix- well- truth be told their in competition with Tupelo Junction's Mary. Speaking of drinks, we also enjoyed Blue Bottle, really enjoyed it, and had dinner at A16, a spot I had been to before but wanted to take Benjamin.

Oh, and of course, we went on a streetcar just so Benjamin could say he did.  Ah, honeymoons.  I could be up for another care free trip someday in the future when the babe is settled a bit and we can get away!

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