{Fridays in Wine Country} A Classy Progression

Is it really Friday already?  This week has flown by and all of the sudden it's time to share with you more adventures from our honeymoon.  Yet again this post will be devoted to eating, because we did lots of that on the h-moon.  We didn't just eat at classy establishments though, we found local hole-in-the-wall spots to cater to our needs of getting some good Mexican food in while we were there.

Thanks to our pourer at William Hill, we were told that we had to go to Juanita's, and he was correct.  Just the kind of place where you want to get tacos and legitimate grub.  It's nice on our wallet too compared to the other touristy spots we hit up.  And who can deny such a bonita chica?!

A bit classier, but still a mix of locals and tourists, we really enjoyed the Sunflower cafe in downtown Sonoma on the square.  The courtyard in the back was the perfect spot for breakfast almost each day and their little wine bar was pretty wonderful as well.  That is, if we could handle more wine after a day of tasting.  It reminded me a lot of the Garden Market in SB off Santa Claus lane.  Casual and oh-so-perfect.

Probably the classiest place we went, and a spot I'd most definitely recommend and add to our list next time we're out there is the Auberge du Soleil.  Just look at their website and you'll think we're really classy.

photo from www.alphite.com

This was another recommendation from a winery, Conn Creek, as it's really close to their winery.  Although the real restaurant is very pricey, you can ask to be seated in their bar area on the patio overlooking wine country and pay much less.  You can even be two newlyweds who really don't want to throw down and split a sandwich, be it a really perfect sandwich.

photo from enroute.aircanada.com

I think I'd like to go there again, and maybe even someday spend the night.  Its bound to be super dreamy.

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