{Sundays with the Babe} The Shrinking Bear

Once again when I look back at the week I think about all that we've done.  These weekly posts are good for me for the hormonal third trimester moments I have all too often right now and the anxiety that comes with wanting the nursery to be done and things to be set for a baby that'll be here in 2 months.  To some people it sounds like any day when I tell them when I'm due.  "Oh!  Soon!!!"  

Anderson "attended" his first wedding and either loved it or thought, "Mom, where the heck did you just take me?!?!"  He was kicking the whole night and only time will tell what he thought about it as we learn his personality in the coming months.

He also got a bear from his daddy.  For the past few weeks Benjamin has mentioned a bear and asked when he should get him his bear.  While in Chagrin for the wedding we popped into a store and got this bear.  We hope he likes him.  We plan to copy a friend of mine's great idea and do posts called, "The Shrinking Bear."  It'll be fun to measure his growth and watch the bear get smaller as he gets bigger!

We also got a vintage towel rack and some cute hangers so I can showcase the adorable clothes Benjamin wore when he was little in the nursery.  Can't wait to see it all come together, but until then I'm trying to not be anxious!

In other news, the dresser is done and in place and soon the crib project will begin.  When the dresser was set in place I may have cried.  What can I say, I cry at just about anything these days.  We watched Cinderella Man this weekend and I cried.  Then I saw the dresser and cried. Earlier in the week I cried when my friend walked down the aisle.  I'm pretty sure I'll be crying when Anderson is born too- pretty sure Benjamin will as well....