{Sundays with the Babe} Showers and More Sanding

We're just into the homestretch and can't believe I'm already into the third trimester.  It's exciting and a bit crazy all at the same time.  As the books say, second trimester really is the best.  You feel great, you have energy back, and you start to look pregnant.  Just last week at yoga a woman asked me when I was due then exclaimed, "you're sooo small."  Fine by me.  I think in the next few months we'll grow a lot.

Next weekend I have a Baby Shower for Anderson to look forward to.  The invitation is super cute and will be framed and put in the nursery somewhere.  I can't wait to see what the ladies do who are hosting as I've been kept out of the loop on the little touches.  I do know that this banner may be used somewhere, and will later be used in his nursery.  It was sent off yesterday from this etsy shop and I'm excited to see it in real life!

In other news I think Anderson was hanging out around my spine or kicking on it the other day.  Not okay.  He seems to move the most at night and in the morning but as he grows I can feel him more throughout the day.

Yesterday we picked out some fun knobs from Anthropologie for the dresser and looked into a stationary store for some paper to back an opening in the bookcase.  More on that all as it comes together.

For now, the dresser is being sanded and primed once more and then I'll get to see the color we picked out for it which I'm still a bit nervous about but deciding to commit to...

Wow, seems like we're making progress!


  1. Oh how exciting!! Congratulations! Love the name you chose for your baby.

  2. Thanks so much, Kate!