{Sundays with the Babe} Showered with Love

Oh my. What a beautiful shower was had this past weekend for little Anderson.  He is one loved little boy and I am so thankful for the generous and lovely friends that were there and those who threw this party.

I keep thinking about the food, which I'm sure they'd be happy to hear.  The petit fours were incredible.  I'd chose one of those over a cupcake any day.  Also the cookie favors not only looked adorable but were super tasty as well.  Kara made my favorite brownies and MaryZ made awesome lemon bars.

All the little touches were so cute and he got some adorable outfits both new and old.  Benjamin's Mom brought a box of baby clothes that were his, including his coming home outfit.  Too precious.  I have now decided we'll be needing a cute hanger to showcase his clothes which are too cute to put away in drawers.

He also got lots of airplane themed things, one outfit which was purchased by a friend before we even knew if it was a boy or girl.  She said she knew, and with 4 kids under her belt I pretty much believed her.

One of the most comical parts of the shower was opening my Mom's gift.  She decided with Benjamin's Mom there is would be a good time to talk about who was going to be a better grandma.  The jokes were flying and Mamma T had wrapped all of Anderson's presents so adorably.  Then came my Mom's present- wrapped in black floral wrapping paper.  Too funny.  She says since the present was for me she didn't have to wrap it in baby paper.  The present was for me- a nice new blue robe and such that'll come in handy for the hospital!

Thank you so much to all who were there, all who planned it, and those praying for our baby Anderson!


  1. What a great idea to tell people the name of your baby before he's born - I love how that made the shower so much more personalized! Congratulations to you!

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth!