{Sundays with the Babe} Quilt Love and Good News.

This past week my Mom's friend and mine, Annie, was in town from La Jolla.  She brought with her this beautiful quilt and also Lucinda Quinn's book, Mad Hungry, as well as a donut cake pan which will be fun to bring out for special occasions!  Annie and my Mom have been friends for years and years and with that Annie has known me quite some time as well.  I can't wait to see Anderson playing on this quilt or being wrapped up in it when he's a bit older watching a movie.

In other (good) news, it just so happened that my Mom's friend who is a decorator stopped by with a painter while my Mom was working away at helping Benjamin strip the crib.  You can see where this is going- the crib is now in the hands of a painter who will spray paint it.  Hooray!  We're out of town several weekends this next month and Anderson isn't slowing down his arrival so it's a definite blessing to know the crib will be done sooner.

With this news I may just have the nursery semi put together in the coming week and a half!  Once everything is in there it'll be fun to work on the details- like hanging pictures and putting little books in the shelves and putting away clothes in the drawers...

With the weeks coming closer to "full term" I'm getting really excited to meet Anderson.  All his little kicks and nudges inside have me more and more excited to hold him in my arms and watch him grow.  I don't want him to grow up too fast though- I know we'll be exhausted but I also know we'll cherish all the moments holding him close. 


  1. I love following along with your pregnancy after spending last year following along with your wedding plans. I love that we get to be on the same track but I'm a bit jealous about all the wonderful and creative things you have ready for your son! He will be truly blessed to have SO many amazing people in his life and two, spectacular, adorable and caring parents.

  2. Thanks, Brandi! Our little boys will be here soon!

  3. You are glowing in your pregnancy, LB. The quilt is gorgeous.