{Fridays in Wine Country} Oysters, a Really Good Winery, and Growing Veg

A few days into our stay we asked the concierge about good day trips.  We wanted to get out a bit and Benjamin wanted to drive the mini as much as possible.  Thanks to someone we met at William Hill, we learned of a road with lots of twists and turns that would be fun to drive on in route to our destination.  Fun for Benjamin, not so fun for me.

We made it up around and through the mountains and headed straight for Hog Island Oysters.  You may have seen their name if you're in the area, especially northern California where you can find their oysters at many a location.  We wanted to go straight to the farm in Marshall and were glad to go during the week when reserving a picnic table is easy.  During weekends it can be hard to get a table so make sure you call and reserve one before you go!

Once there we took our seats and cracked open a bottle of wine we have recently purchased at Conn Creek.  Little did we know they would have local wine and cheese there as well!  Benjamin enjoyed getting us some oysters and eating them with some hot sauce of course.

We all know I'm partial to the West and this trip gave me yet another reason.  Apparently Pacific oysters aren't as briny.  The ones we had that day were sweet and delicious.  I really don't like a briny oyster, and apparently those can be found more on the Atlantic.  Just saying...

On the way home we stopped off at a park that had a trail.  Let's note we didn't have an iphone at this point but were told the ocean was really close.  False.  We walked for a bit then turned home and drove through Pt. Reyes where of course I'm still hitting myself that we didn't get out and go eat all the Cowgirl Creamy cheese possible.

On another afternoon we also headed north and went to Cuvaison Winery, an excellent little spot with fabulous wine.  If money grew on trees this would be a winery I'd drink from lots.  I'd always have their wine on hand.  I'm not a port lover but they had one that was incredible, as well as other reds which we absolutely loved.  If you're up near Calistoga stop in there, or head to their tasting room in Napa.

Back towards the hub we headed into Robert Sinskey where they pair each wine with a small plate.  It's a larger winery but still fun to stop in to and taste their goods.  Upon leaving I wandered through their garden and thought, "of course, of course you have vegetables just growing for your kitchen right in front of your winery..."

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