{Fridays in Wine Country} for the Love of Wine

Ah, wine country.  I'd like to be there right about now.  On our first full day I had some appointments set at a few wineries thanks to a friend in the industry and also because I was a member at Briddlewood.  When I joined that winery in SB, which was also some of our wedding wine, I was intrigued by the benefits I'd get at their partner wineries.  Like free tastings and member discounts.

So, we headed off to Louis Martini then onto the Silverado Trail and William Hill.  Both good, but to us William Hill was great.  In fact, we still have a bottle from the trip waiting to be enjoyed after this baby comes.  Everything there tasted as it should.  A cab franc was what a cab franc should taste like, their cab was incredible, and the whites had us red-wine lovers swooning too.

The location is pretty idyllic as well.  Although we enjoyed hanging out inside during our tasting and getting tips on where to go and what to eat, when we wandered back there on another day we ended up sitting on the Adirondack chairs listening to some locals talk about their grapes.  Oh California.  I miss you.

That day I think we wandered over to Mustards Grill for lunch.  A great spot with perfect food a few steps above what you'd find most other places in the country.  They had a huge garden outside too where they picked most of their produce from so of course this made it a winner in my book.

That night we had reservations at the Girl and the Fig.  We weren't too hungry but managed to eat some awesome cheese and a light dinner.  I think next time I'd sit at their bar and eat cheese and drink wine, but don't have a need to go back for the main meal.

Well, as you may know that's a full day in wine country.  Wine tasting and eating good food will have you beat.

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