{Fridays in Wine Country} CLE to SFO to Sonoma

In a month Benjamin and I will have been married a year.  Is it bad to say I can believe it?  It's been a crazy year with both of us moving, getting married, getting new jobs in a new city, me losing a job, me looking for jobs, me doing more blogging and food writing, us getting pregnant, us realizing we're about to be parents.  Lots of change to say the least.

In honor of our year anniversary and frankly because I'll forget these details if I don't write them down somewhere apart from my moleskin from last summer, I bring to you each Friday (for as long as it'll last) a bit about what we did on our honeymoon.  Because if you're human you're a little curious but more because we went to Sonoma and Napa and it was wonderful and you should go some of the places we did!

For starters, we got married on a Sunday and took the advice to stay two nights in the area before taking our flight out.  So, we stayed here and highly recommend it.  Talk about relaxation and totally unwinding after the months leading up to a wedding.  We enjoyed their spa and our room looking out onto Ohio countryside which I think was bigger than our current apartment.  Ah honeymoons.  You go big because they only happen once.

We headed out and flew into San Francisco then rented a fun little mini cooper S manual convertible (Benjamin still talks about how fun it was to drive) and headed to The Lodge at Sonoma thanks to points from my dad.  A great gift indeed.  Upon our arrival we got upgraded to a cottage thanks to my dad's points, not ours.  He still can't believe it.

That night we headed to our first foodie stop, Gott's Roadside.  Man, I want this food right now.  It was so delicious- the most we've spent for burgers- but delicious nonetheless.  I got the ahi burger (also something that sounds good but is off limits right now) and enjoyed sitting on their picnic tables.  I highly recommend Gott's.  If you don't get to them in Napa or St. Helena they're in the Ferry Building in San Francisco too.

Little did we know this was just the beginning of stuffing ourselves with good food and drink...

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  1. Anonymous7/08/2011

    We do hope to get there someday!