Why I Don't Make Boxed Brownies

Because these are so much easier to me.  Really.  You melt the butter and chocolate and stir in the rest.  I think that's maybe one more step than you do with the boxed and they're lots more delicious.  A friend of mine wants to put me up for a challenge to see if I can taste the difference between her boxed brownies and those from scratch.

I'd like the think boxed brownies are a bit like a McDonalds hamburger.  They have a distinctive taste and then an even more unique after taste.  Similar to McDonalds they also have mysterious ingredients.  These, not so much.

Here's the link to the recipe I've posted before.


  1. Oh, boy, does that plate full of brownies look incredible. Off to check out your recipe~

  2. You crack me up. Glad I could provide fodder for the ole' blog. Just to clarify, I don't always use a particular box mix - but I do have a recipe that will fool even miss-special-ingredients-almost-all-organic-anti-box-mix-allthetimethankyouverymuch. :-) But now I do want a brownie... darn it.

  3. controversy! nice plate presentation. =)