Sundays with the Babe: What's in a Name?

His name has been ink.  I had a crazy coupon to a cute online stationary store and ordered these a few weeks ago.  Something a year ago I would say I wouldn't do or couldn't understand.  But when I spent $10 and had $40 to spend by August, I knew I'd get some thank you's for the little man.

I think people (ok my Mom) is getting used to the idea of his name.  Anderson.  Yes- no nickname, but if one were to happen, it'll be Anders not Andy.  Anderson is Benjamin's maternal grandma's mom's maiden name and also his brothers middle name.  When we first talked names this was on the forefront and nothing really beat it out.  So, when we found out it was a boy we decided to tell right away.  Mine as well let certain people (my Mom) get used to the idea of his name now. Love you, Mom.

DeHaven will be his middle names.  Another family name used among many men on my side and my dad's grandparents last name.  Although we've been concerned about him sounding like a law firm, we're sticking with it and really think his name can work with whatever he decides to be.  I could even see him being some pro skater (totally random) and using Anders over Anderson.  He gets to decide.

We are however sticking with using his full name for as long as possible.  It seems as though once you use a nickname then no one uses the full name.  Benjamin for example is Benjamin.  Never Ben and introduces himself to this day as Benjamin.  We'll see how long Anderson sticks.. I still like Anders and will probably call him that from time to time. 

Maybe it'll be one of those things where girls in high school know, "oh, only his family calls him Anders.."  Then some girlfriend will call him that and well, yikes, let's not go there just yet...

So little Anderson DeHaven.  We can't wait to meet you.  We keep asking ourselves what you'll look like.  Your daddy thinks you'll have blonde hair for a bit while you're little and I sure hope so... It'll make me want to take you to the Pacific even more but somehow we'll get by, and hopefully you can see it next summer no matter what hair color God's given you!


  1. Great name, LB! I love the family connection. It's so meaningful to tie it all back together like that. So excited for you and Benjamin! PS--my Andrew has always been Andrew, never Andy, never Drew :). The full name works!

  2. Anonymous6/13/2011

    That is a great name! My husband's first name is his great grandmother's maiden name (on father's side). So kinda similar. Also love the name Anders, not common, well maybe in Scandinavia :)