Sundays with the Babe: Sanding and Painting by Daddy

The nursery room project seems to be well under way.  We've moved out just about everything in it which means the rest of our upstairs, mainly our bedroom, is in shambles.  I'm hoping it'll just motivate us to get things done more quickly so they can be all nice and organized.

Now that the room looks the way it does it is easy to think of other things we might want painted around the house.  We'll have no place with a babe around to paint things so now is the time.

Benjamin is loving his power sander- the true reason why he's so excited to paint the furniture.  He's beyond motivated about it all and said this experience is kind of his first present to the baby.  It's making things more real for him since he doesn't get to carry it around and feel it kick all the time like I do.  I know he's going to be such a great Dad and can't wait to see it all in action.  Pretty sure that'll just make me fall in love with him more.

Everything else is going well and I'm enjoying this time before I get uncomfortably big.  It feels like the days of nausea and not wanting to cook were so long ago.  Now it's the time of feeding this baby well (cake and smoothies included) staying active (by signing up for water aerobics!) and anticipating his arrival!

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