Sundays with the Babe: A Nursery Update

Well, things are coming together.  We scored a crib and dresser/changing table thanks to craigslist.  Apparently getting a crib second hand is a sin according to what "they" say but we say it's in good shape, solid wood, and if "they" saw what we grew up in "they" would be shocked.

Currently it's sitting near our kitchen table but in the coming weeks the second bedroom will become a bit more empty and turn into a workshop for Benjamin to do some painting.  I know I know- it looks pretty and nice and in good condition but we really want off-white nursery furniture so painting it we are.  Our whole house seems to have wood wood everywhere so I'm all about a bright sunny nursery.  Give me some white!

We've got a blue, green, and white PB rug that was scored at a garage sale thanks to my Mom and blue gingham black-out panels that were purchased at the outlets.  A glider with a fancy name was also purchased at a garage sale.  All in all, I think that's about everything that'll fit into the tiny space!  More pictures on those items to come.

Also, I brought the husband to a local consignment store and we picked up these numbers.  The blue balloon piece was only 3 monies!  It'll either be amazing or look really funny, but for $3 how's a girl to say no?  I swear it could show up in Anthropologie kids.

In other news he's kicking up a storm and I'm just enjoying this second trimester before he really starts to grow!  I hear the pool will soon be my best friend and help me to feel weightless.  I'm pretty sure we'll have to go after 6 pm however if this heat keeps up.


  1. Ooh, I love the dresser/changing table! I want one just like it. And such cute clothes!! Also, I've got a secondhand crib too, and feel great about it. :)

  2. Thanks- craigslist!! I think our babes will be fine!