Sundays with the Babe: Cousins

This is how excited Owen is to meet Anderson.  It was his response when we asked him about it.  

Really it was his response when my Mom was talking to him in a high pitched voice that sounded exactly like my Grandma June.  Can you really get over the little rolls and smiles?  At just 6 weeks he's still such a babe but growing up so fast.  Holidays with the boys will be fun as will watching them grow up together!  

Benjamin apparently had red hair when he was born.  According to the things I read if we could see it we could tell now what color Anderson's hair is.  Granted it all supposedly will fall out again before his 'real' hair comes in but I do


  1. Those little baby rolls are the cutest! He really does look so excited to meet his new cousin!

  2. Kristen6/29/2011

    I love this post...and I can't wait to begin taking pics of Owen and Anderson together! It will be so much fun at get togethers :)

  3. Anonymous7/01/2011

    See the back of blue Owen quilt! What a darling baby!!