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{GIVEAWAY} Pink Hydrangea Bag

Check out this super cute and summery bag made by Michelle of Pink Hydrangea.  A mother of two (almost three), Michelle knew she had to design this bag with functionality in mind!

"I designed the bag for the giveaway because I love to be at the beach, and I wanted a bag that was quick and easy to clean (and would fit EVERYTHING in it!).  I also wanted a bag that would fold up nicely!  I think it does both"

I've known Michelle, or rather Michelle has known me, since I was in middle school.  That said, we've seen each other in the most awkward stages of life.  Her shop is full of fresh fabrics and functional gifts and accessories for everyday from yoga mats to changing pads and wipes.  She's designed everything from bedding to birthday banners and then some. One of my favorite new items of hers is the picnic blanket that is laminated on one side- perfect for easy cleanup and long beach days!

{More on Michelle}

I am Michelle, a Navy wife and mother of (almost) three kids.  I was given a hand-me-down sewing machine after my daughter was born, and started sewing.  At first it was a project here and there, and has developed into a passion (and something to pass the time when hubby is gone!).  I sew from patterns and create my own things.  I love fabrics!  I started "pink hydrangea" in the fall, as a way to get my work out there.  We lived in Rhode Island for the winter, and it gave me lots of time indoors to develop a love affair with my sewing machine!  We are on our way to Hawaii for the next few years, and hopefully that will bring more inspiration!

Be sure to check out her blog and her shop.  If you have questions about her goods she can be reached at sewpinkhydrangea AT gmail DOT com

{How to Enter}

  • Comment on this blog as to why you'd be an awesome owner of this happy tote
  • Email me your email (if it's not linked to your entry) so I can be in touch with you should you win!
{Extra Entries}
Remember to email me if you do extra entries so I know!  Voting is open until Thursday at Midnight Eastern Time and open to US residents only.  Winners will be announced on Friday!


  1. I LOVE TO BE AT THE BEACH, TOO! At least for 2 more weeks. This bag would be perfect.

  2. I miss Santa Barbara and CA and the beach, but at least I could look good at the Fairlington pool!

    (BTW, just started following. Matt said, "Do you know Benjamin's wife has a blog?" "Yep, I've read it. I guess I should click follow." Good reason, right here! Oh, and you should look at the new-baby-centered giveaway I have posted currently!)

  3. This bag is so pretty! And we are going to Bethany Beach in August! Perfect!! I want to win!!!

  4. That bag is so sweet...just like my boys who love picnics at the beach!

  5. Kathryn J6/29/2011

    What mom wouldn't want a beautiful beach bag to tote all that kid gear. This bag just screams practical for anyone. Plus hydrangeas are my absolute favorite flower :)

  6. That bag would be so pretty to carry around my sewing projects to work on when I go places...

  7. Kristen6/29/2011

    We have a big beach weekend coming up and I don't have a big beach bag yet for all of Owen's toys and our beach, it's pretty and I would love using it for all those beach toys and my reading material, etc.

  8. Yup, I need this for all the beach trips with the babe. His diaper bag is pretty boring (since Daddy picked it out), so I need something fun and pretty to tote with me!


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