{GIVEAWAY} Cross Country Boutique Apron!

Today I bring you an amazing apron by the super talented and all together spunky 
Annabelle Cross of Cross Country Boutique.    I've known Annie just about my whole life.  Maybe since we were four or earlier.  We did ballet when we were little ones, went to the same camp during the summer and lived in California during college, me in Santa Barbara and her in Malibu.

{front view}

{back view}

{side view}

Want to know some more on the designer?

Music therapist by day, renegade crafter by night, Annie Cross and her store, Cross Country Boutique specialize in hand sewn apparel, accessories, and home goods with a funky, feminine touch.  A little bit country...a little bit rock and roll, she pulls inspiration from the variety of cities she's called home from Cleveland to LA, Atlanta to Dallas, and everywhere in between.  Her items are centered around fun and fresh fabrics with a touch of spunk.  Each piece is carefully crafted to be as unique as the individual who owns it

{How to Enter}

Leave a comment on this blog post as to why you think you should be the new owner of this lovely piece.

Leave your email in the comment or if you're more comfortable email me at laurabeth@lbsgoodspoon.com and leave it there telling me what your username is that you left the comment with!

{for Extra Entries}
2. Go Favorite Cross Country Boutique on Etsy

Email me to let me know you did extra entries!

{Because She's Awesome: Bonus}
Cross Country Boutique will be offering a 15% off discount from 6.16 until 6.23 when you mention Good Spoon or LB's Good Spoon.  Pretty great, right?  

Voting is open until Midnight Eastern Time on Friday.  The winner will be contacted Monday 6.20!

fine print: only US Residents are eligible for the giveaway and discount.


  1. Because I'll need something lovely to get me through the rainy Vancouver days!
    (loving the addition of giveaways to the blog)

  2. Anonymous6/16/2011

    Oooh....so fun! I need this because aprons always remind me of my most favorite roommate ever, and I miss her dearly!!

  3. Because I need to set a good example to Ruby on how to be domestic and incorporate mayonnaise or butter into as many baked goods as possible...

  4. I love Cooking and it brings out my creative side so I'm sure this apron would help!

  5. Anonymous6/16/2011

    I am a horrible cook! I burn everything. My husband has even ban me from the kitchen most of the time. I would love to learn to cook and really surprise him. But in the mean time I could wear this super cute apron and assist him. I love the colors- black and white (so classic) and then you incorporated the other fabric to make it just perfect!

  6. I would love that apron because I am getting married in 3 weeks and will definitely need an apron as I begin cooking dinners for my new hubby!

  7. Anonymous6/16/2011

    I should win because the person I love and would give it to is such a great cook and she would look fabulous in it!

  8. I should win this apron because I cook often but am always making a huge mess... Also I work with the seamstress who made this beautiful apron and she is THE BEST INTERNSHIP SUPERVISOR EVER!!!!!!!!

    Emily Metcalf

  9. roth_la@hotmail.com6/16/2011

    because everytime i cook in it i'll think of my favorite cook LB

  10. because I can at least look good when my cooking doesn't :)

  11. Yes, yes yes please!!! That apron would make a great addition to my kitchen tools. Love the giveaways!!!

  12. I would love this apron because it is super cute and I need some motivation to cook in the kitchen! Sometimes it's hard with a 9 month old crawling around the house! Wearing a super cute apron made by Annie is just what I need! By the way, I made your pulled pork and coleslaw last weekend (I subscribe to your blog in my google reader)-- yum!!! :) It made so much and I took some to my neighbor that broke her foot. She enjoyed it as well!

  13. Because annie told me I have to comment nowwwwwwww. Also because I don't cook, but I could look awesome drinking red wine in this apron and telling other people that I know how to cook.


  14. I NEED this apron in my life so I can fully channel my inner domestic diva! <3 Without this super cute kitschy apron from the talented Cross Country Boutique, I'll never feel motivated to assimilate in the kitchen and actually make something! Crafty accouterments like this will surely inspire some tasty delights du jour!

  15. I need this apron because, even though my 4 month old daughter has a Cross Country original, I do not! Not fair at all.

  16. because I need a fabulous apron to wear when I'm outside grilling with my man :)

  17. Because I have a passion for being in the kitchen, and wearing fabulous aprons!! this one is gorgeous!!

  18. Because I love being in the kitchen! and this is an absolutely gorgeous apron. I'd be so thankful for it :)