Veggies at My Door. Finally Eating Local and in Season.

Last week the husband and I opted for the all organic crate from the farm club we use.  We also got some local ground beef from a farm in Virginia.  Exciting for sure, but then some things went bad more quickly than I would have liked as is common with organic products. 

This week we opted for the all local crate and boy am I excited.  So much so that we ran off to Whole Foods then Trader Joe's tonight to get ingredients for the things I plan to cook up this weekend and into next week.  I didn't want to be in a grocery store with everyone on Saturday as they bought their hamburger buns either.

We got these beautiful heirloom tomatoes and automatically I knew we needed to replicate the salad we had at Ad Hoc on our honeymoon.  Well Thomas, we don't have time to make your basil oil before these will go bad, so we're opting for the salad from Suzanne Goin's Sunday Suppers at Lucques.  Bound to be amazing.

We'll also be cooking up some halibut with farro and black rice and I'll make some peach dessert with lots of mint, soured cream, and a cornmeal cake. 

Then there's a swiss chard tart that'll happen with a pine nut salsa of sorts.  I'll also make some kale chips and we'll eat our way through the rest before long I'm sure. 

So, for this week I'm finally doing what I've been preaching for so long...eating local and in season!  Here I am giving the challenge to myself and excited about the meals to come!  Hope you're as excited about this as I am...

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