...things that make me happy: composting and highchairs...

It was a good day yesterday.  We scored the highchair I've been wanting off of craigslist and came home to a compost pail in the mail.  Felt a little bit like Christmas- despite the fact that Benjamin and I repeated again and again, "We just got a highchair..." 

The compost pail got acquainted with a banana peel, egg shell, and coffee grounds this morning and is soon to meet onions and peppers oh my.

I can barely tell we have a highchair in the dining space which is exactly why I love this model.  So durable, usable, and tiny!  Don't you worry Anderson, we'll modify the seat so you won't fall out and get you a comfy cushion too.


  1. Anonymous5/30/2011

    What brand is this highchair? I love the look of it!
    Carolyn Murphy

  2. it's a Svan! they retail for maybe $300 but we got ours for $80. I know others who have found them on craigslist as well.