..oh little one...

What are you baby?  Will you cooperate and let us know?!

We find out very soon if there will be more blue or pink bought for our first.  In preparation both Mothers have bought things for the baby...pre our engagement.  That's right.  Benjamin's Mom bought the cute little hat and my Mom found this "tickled pink" bib she "had" to buy after I heard that term for probably the first time around a year and a half ago.

I can't believe s/he will be here before we know it!  Today we scored a glider for the nursery and rug at a garage sale.  This summer is going to fly by and soon we'll be parents and our lives will never ever be the same....


  1. Is that your belly in that pic? I LOVE that dress? Apron? Whatever you have on! I'm excited for you to find out, any ideas on names?

  2. thanks! old navy maternity!! we have both a girl and boy named picked- we'll reveal soon!