Memorial Day Weekend Staples

Memorial Day weekend brings up oh so many memories for me.  For the first time in years instead of wanting to be in Chagrin Falls, I want to be in Santa Barbara.  Not too shocking if you know how much I miss the place, but shocking when you compare it to the quintessential quaint town and festival that Blossom Time is.

Last summer we were there for a bridal shower.  We rode the ferris wheel and saw lots of old friends.  It truly was a magical time.  If you told me then that this summer I would be pregnant, I would have laughed and said "no way."  Oh how things change.

Memorial Day weekend in Santa Barbara reminds me of long days at the beach and watching fireworks from the sand.  Grilling tri tip Santa Maria style and enjoying margs.  I remember being taught how to make couches in the sand and my friend blaring at the top of his lungs, "born in the USA."  Sometimes we even beach hopped.  Oh to be young again.

This weekend I'll be cooking a lot, writing some more, and maybe making up some Watermelon Agua Frescas

If I could eat raw egg I'd be making the best Basil Caesar Salad Dressing and if I could have some alcohol I'd be enjoying Watermelon Margs.

What's on tap for your weekend?  Hamburgers, hot dogs, cole slaw and more?

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