...I Love Nice Grocery Stores...

I don't think Benjamin knew what was happening when I first walked him through Dean & Deluca.  It's such a happy place full of inspiration, food, and yummy treats.  I'm not a big (clothes) shopper or really shopper of other kinds, but when it comes to groceries, I can go a little crazy.  Even this weekend in Middleburg I had to go into the organic market there.  I swear, if money grew on trees I'd shop at places like this all the time.

This afternoon I had one of the best experiences at Whole Foods.  I don't shop there often because of the prices, but today made me want to venture in more often.  I went in and headed straight for the probiotics.  After reading about these on Bridget's Blog, I was sold to start taking some myself.  I've known they'd be good for me, but now with a bundle inside I had extra motivation to shop.

While standing at the refrigerated section of probiotics I was approached by a rep from this company who ended up giving me a free 2 week sample of their pills!  The large container they sell at WF is $100 so I was happy to get some for $0!  We talked probiotics and how I was prego and he said he'd send me their pills tailored for pregnancy.  Another score!  I then got lots of literature on the company and a little book from him, again for $0!  So maybe I'm a sucker, but I think not.  I think this was awesome.

Next up I head over to find some pico to bring to taco night at a friends.  A man is there shelving some mango salsa and I ask if he's got pico.  "Made fresh yesterday!" he says.  And it's local.  I'm in love...with awesome grocery stores.  I walked out of there in 20 minutes with grass fed beef (I'm now even more sensitive to hormones and such in meats especially with the bun in the oven), taco shells, beans, and probiotics!

Hope your day is going as well as mine...

(pictures from SB Farmers Market and the botanical gardens in SF to brighten your day...)


  1. yesss! glad you bought some :) they will keep you regular and being regular is always good yes? the whole constipation thing women talk about when they're prego. what is that?!

  2. ha. count me as one of those women!