...from city to country life...

This weekend was all over the place.  To many people, it's why they love DC.  You can be downtown, a bike ride away from the Capitol, and that evening you're in the country.

The weekend started with an unexpected and much welcomed visit from an old roommate which brought on seeing old college friends and having them over for dinner!  Of course I opted for making dinner and grilling over going out to eat.  I made up some great summer sides and a chicken thigh dish I'll be sharing this week.

It was fun having a guest in the home, especially since the second bedroom is still a guest room and not yet transformed into what it will be- the nursery.  I made sure to watch Krystal wash her face- sounds ridiculous but the girl should be on a Noxema commercial for how much water she splashes up when she washes her face.  These are the things you learn from someone when you live with them!

The next day we headed to meet the guys and one of their lady friends for breakfast at Ted's Bulletin.  I'd heard so much about it and have to say it did not disappoint.  They make their own pop tarts and I'd highly recommend the brown sugar.  It took us no time to get there and I was able to park right in front of the restaurant- a serious miracle by DC standards.  

Afterwards we walked around Eastern Market a bit and then headed home.  Here's my question about Eastern Market veg and meat.  Are any of the places local, organic, natural?! I'm used to markets where farms are saying where they're from and why they're so proud about how they grow things.  I saw a lot of really high prices and little explanation of why other than the fact that they were selling things in the heart of DC.  I need to do some research on this and would love your insight if you know of great meat and/or veg people who sell there!

Later on in the weekend I was in the country going to the Loundon County Bed and Breakfast Open House.  Thanks to Twitter I learned about this event and hit up a few B&B's- primarily the ones with the restaurant and vineyard connections.  The tasting by Patowmack Farm was awesome and made me put that high on my list of places I'd love to eat someday soon.  Hiddencroft Vineyard was there sharing some wine and from the looks on people's faces, it did not disappoint.

All in all, a great weekend.  I went to many new places and learned something incredible- if you get out of your car to take a picture of sheep, they'll all turn their heads and smile.  


  1. Such happy, Springy photos! Sounds like a lovely weekend.

  2. Not everyone at Eastern Market is local/organic, which is kind of a bummer! I usually ask people where things are grown. There is a stand inside the market that sells local, cage-free poultry. The line to get a turkey at Thanksgiving is out of control!

  3. Thanks Sam for the tips! I'm going to start just asking questions and trying not to have a disappointed look if they're not local and/or organic!