...8 months, a little love throw back...

 So we've been married 8 months as of today.  Lots of change has happened in life and then we went ahead and added more by getting prego.  In 8 more months we'll have a little babe.  Crazy.

In the spirit of wedding bliss, and because it's way more fun to look back on the wedding like this than think about the useless stress and anxiety one goes through in planning it, wanted to show you this.  We were featured on the blog that made our Save the Dates.  Pretty fun to see it up and hear someone else's perspective on what the day looked like!

Check it out Here.

Off to bake cupcakes but rest assured some more tasty posts to come....


  1. Laura,

    I found your blog through Andrea Moriarty. We became friends way back! I love your blog and will follow it. Love, too, the wedding pics! Where in Virginia do you live? I am in Arlington, and also a newbie. Would love to meet you!


  2. Hi Kathy! Andrea mentioned connecting us. So nice to see your blog! Feel free to email me- laurabeth @ lbsgoodspoon.com and I can let you know where we live!