...if you're eating in santa barbara...

A twitter friend mentioned the other day week that she was going to Santa Barbara.  I quickly said I would and should do a blog post about it!  Well Susan, sorry for the delay but here it is!  If and when I go to Santa Barbara, these are my foodie recommendations.  I could probably list places you shouldn't go but that would just be mean so I'll keep it simple and write these hot spots down for you...

Are you hungry?  Even if you're not Tupelo Junction is incredible. Great coffee, biscuits, homemade preserves with big berries in there and an awesome egg dish with gruyere, spinach and bacon.  Their pumpkin waffles are amazing as well.

A bite to eat before hitting up the Farmers Market Saturday?  Stop into Renaud's either on upper State of downtown for the best Almond Croissant of your life.  I want one right now- why are you tempting me?!

All Natural?  Natural Cafe- love their East Beach Salad with sauteed tofu and tahini dressing.

Hungry?  Again, Tupelo Junction for their fried chicken salad with corn bread croutons and buttermilk dressing.

Time for some Mexican?  Los Arroyos- I often crave their tostada salad with steak.  Yum.  This is a great dinner option as well- awesome Margaritas and guac and sit down service at their location in Montecito

Need a snack?  Blenders in the Grass- amazing smoothies.  Get me an Acai or if I'm really hungry a Pumpkin Pie or Peanut Butter please.  These got me through college.  

Lazy Acres.  An amazing grocery store that when I walked into upon arriving into my new college town my mom took pictures of me by the produce because I was just that excited.  Not kidding.  I love love love this place.  Kinda pricey as it's organic and local and all those good things but they have an awesome soup and salad bar and other prepared meals to go.

So you're Fancy in a California kind of way: Hungry Cat.  My favorite restaurant I think of all time.  It's so nice but not stuffy inside and the food is incredible.  You don't have to be a seafood person to think this place is awesome.  I love the clams and chorizo but then again they always have great specials and awesome local oysters.  You must get a cocktail from them- the greyhound proper is my favorite.

Really fancy?  So many options.  Only ate at Bouchon once- their french onion soup as to be expected was awesome.  I was out of college and not rolling in it so my high end recommendations stop here.

There are many other awesome places to go- just ask some locals (you'll be able to spot them...oh to think I used to be asked questions by tourists because I looked like a local..sigh..)  Enjoy your time and tweet me for more questions along the way!


  1. My parents are in SB right NOW and have a reservation at Bouchon tomorrow night. Will send along these other recs, too!

  2. how fortuitous! have them bring you along next time!

  3. Amazing! You've successfully made me long for Santa Barbara...Los Arroyos in particular :)

  4. Ok, totally miss that place even more now. Thanks a lot. Haha! Love it, you nailed it...all my favorites!

  5. em- we just remind ourselves of it's beauty and try really hard not to be sad. good thing we still have friends there!