...a better way to bacon...

How do you make your bacon?  I have been a fan of using our grill pan so the fat gets in between the cracks- but then you have a really fatty pan to clean up.  I also like using our cast iron skillet just so it stays nice and seasoned.

Last weekend however I think how I bacon has been changed forever.  In the oven, on a baking rack at 375 for 8-12 minutes or til crispy.  Put aluminum foil down and your clean up will be much easier.  Another bonus?  Your house won't smell like bacon grease all weekend.

How do you bacon?!


  1. I usually do it in my cast iron, but I've baked it before with maple syrup on top - so good!

  2. Once I learned to cook bacon in the oven, I never looked back. Not only does your kitchen stay splatter free, but you can do things like make brown sugar spice glazed bacon.

  3. yes yes- I suppose I need to try this brown sugar business next!