...your valentine menu...

Only you know what your Valentine would like to eat on Monday.  Whether that Valentine is a friend, child, family member or special someone, what do they love?

Does your man love meat?  Then I might go with this:

Herb Crusted Steak

A chicken lover?

Roast Chicken in Creamy Tarragon Sauce

Vegetarian all around?

Wild Mushroom Risotto

And for dessert?

Classic French Chocolate Mousse


Chocolate Mousse Cake

or not as obvious in looks but the name says it all, Boy Bait

Whatever you end up making, I hope you and they enjoy it.  Here's to not being able to get away from this lovey dovey holiday.  Hey, see it as a day to eat something you love!

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  1. So many yum choices here! I'm going to have to make another Valentine's Day special dinner!