...coupon cutting...

The time has come to cut coupons.  I've been putting it off thinking it would not save us any money because I'd end up buying things we didn't eat or need, but not so.  I've got a stack of clipped coupons thanks to some sites I'll tell you about here, and am ready to go shopping.  Even if it's a few bucks I save, as my friend recently told me, "hey- you go find that on the street.." making the point that there is in fact no money growing tree.

My friend Lacy sent on her favorite sites and then over at Young House Love I clicked on some more.

Here are the one's Lacy suggested:

Start with Krazy Coupon Lady - she has a whole section on how to beginning couponing, which is really helpful.

Then, I snag most of my coupons from these sites:
Red Plum
Smart Source: 
Coupons dot com: (this one is my favorite)
All You Magazine: 

Then, I follow a lot of blogs which link to printable coupons. Krazy Coupon Lady is good, as is Totally Target. Target has store coupons that you can combine with manufactures coupons to save a lot of $$$. I also like Your Green Helper because she does a weekly round-up of the best organic/healthy coupons available.

Ok people, to the websites we go. Get your scissors ready and let's save some money.  Something we can all agree is really fun and also makes me sound really old...but awesome.

Maybe if I get really into this I'll bring this awesome coupon caddy with me to the store.  Probably not, but I wouldn't put it past myself

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