...santa barbara bound...

You won't be hearing from me this weekend, because I'll be in Santa Barbara.  I'm beyond excited, can't wait to see friends and meet babies that have been born in the last 6 weeks.  Ok one baby, but still.  I'll talk to unborn babies through friends stomachs, so that counts too.  I keep thinking of places to go, people to see, things to eat and drink, and am ready to be back and see friends who are just way too far away!  Thank you airline miles for this trip, Santa, and my dear husband.

Catch you all next week... until then think of me walking on the beach, drinking awesome wine, local brews, eating clams and chorizo and that steak salad I can't seem to replicate with an awesome margarita where they actually use real juice- no mixes!  I'll also be holding babies, becoming friends with Molly again, and catching up on life as I now know it with sweet friends.

This here spot is where we got engaged almost one year ago (in February).  I'm going to miss my husband, but am thankful to know this trip, instead of only seeing him for a few days then going back to friends, it's the opposite.  We see each other everyday, and I just get a few days to go back there.  Oh life.

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  1. YAHOO!!! Have so much fun!!! I think I know where that first photo was taken...Boathouse??? Can't wait for more pics!