...cheers to the new year...

It felt like a wonderfully long weekend.  A weekend where we weren't rushed, there weren't too many places to go or people to see.  It was a good re-set kind of weekend as the year begins.

Knowing we had some time to kill, we made our way out to Purceville Friday morning and went on a distillery tour at Catoctin Creek.  You betcha.  I called and we were able to get out there and take a tour of the distillery and learn a lot about the company and their goods.  It was a really great time learning about such a cool place in our backyard (or an hour away.)  Since Virginia has such interesting alcohol laws, we weren't able to taste there, but could get a bottle of their whisky at an ABC store later that day.

New Years Eve had us at Evening Star for a great tasting menu where we rung in 2011 with some new friends.  A very low key but still very festive night out- just what we were looking for.  The next day was your traditional pork and sauerkraut with mimosas thanks to some bubbly left over from the wedding, and then more relaxing as the weekend progressed.

After hearing about a bloody mary bar nearby, we tried that out then decided it was silly to pay for something when we had everything sans tomato juice at home.  So, we made our own bloody marys and I watched Chariots of Fire for the first time.  A good rainy Sunday activity.

To make a bloody mary at home, here's our recipe.  To each his own though, so feel free to add in your own kick here and there.

Good Spoon Bloody Marys:
1 1/2-2 ounces vodka (we used Dry Fly)
Low Sodium Very Veggie Tomato Juice - not as strong as V8 and thinner in consistency
1 teaspoon horseradish
dash or two celery seed
dash or two chipotle hot sauce
a pickle
celery stalk

I love the celery in the drink the best.  Benjamin of course put a piece of bacon in his.  Fine..bacon wins.

Here's to a new year, and to taking down the Christmas decorations today.  The tree is dead and oddly collecting dust, so I'd say it's time.

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